Single Speeds and Fixed Gears


Remember when riding a bike was simple? We do.

Take the guesswork out of gear shifting and focus on enjoying your ride with a single-speed or fixed gear bicycle.


Why a single speed? Because they are simple, fast, light, and durable. 

All of the models shown below are available in several sizes.

If you want to change things up, we can customize any of our bikes. When you look at the bikes below, focus on the frame — we can customize everything else. You can pick your wheels, tires, crankset, chain, pedals, seat, handlebars, grips or tape, and the accent colours. This is all included for an additional $70, or, if you just want to change one or two things, you pay the difference on the parts.

Retrospec Mantra

From $399.99 CAD $499.00 CAD