Fat Bikes

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You might've already seen them around and asked yourself "why?" Well, we'd reply with, "why not?"

Fat bikes are built for softer terrains like sand and snow. Their combination of wide tires and low tire pressure help the bike act like a snow shoe over softer surfaces; and in Winnipeg, where winter takes up a third of the year, a bike built for snowy conditions isn't a bad investment. 

Not sure if you're ready to take the plunge? Come into the shop and see the benefits of a fat bike for yourself. 

2022 Moose Fat Bike 1.0 - 26"

$1,099.99 CAD $1,300.00 CAD

2024 Moose Fat Bike 1.0 - 27.5"

$1,399.99 CAD $1,500.00 CAD

2022 Moose Fat Bike 2.0 - 27.5"

$1,599.99 CAD $1,800.00 CAD

2022 Moose Fat Bike 24" Youth

$599.99 CAD $900.00 CAD