Single-Speeds and Fixed Gears

Retrospec Mantra FW/FX

Retrospec and Pure Fix Models

Remember when riding a bike was simple? We do.

Take the guesswork out of gear shifting and focus on enjoying your ride with a single-speed or fixed gear bicycle.

Why a single speed? Because they are simple, fast, light and durable. 

The bikes are designed around efficiency.  The chain line is straight, this decreases the energy loss occurred when the chain is offset on a geared bike. There is no derailleur, this reduces chain friction.  The spoke pattern is symmetrical, this evens out the wear on the wheel bearings and reduces friction.  The hubs have a high flange (they are tall) this reduces the length of the spokes adding strength to the wheel.  The deep-v, double wall rims are also significantly stronger than traditional rims and act even further to reduce spoke length.  The tires are inflated to 110psi, this reduces the rolling resistance dramatically and puncture resistant tires are available. 

All of the models shown below are available in several sizes and retail for $479.99.

If you want to change things up we can customize any of our bikes.  When you look at the bikes below just focus on the frame and we can customize everything else.  You can pick your wheels, tires, crankset, chain, pedals, seat, handlebars, grips or tape and the accent colors.  This is all included for an additional $50 or if you just want to change one or two things you pay the difference on the parts. 

Retrospec Models
Pure Fix Models


At White Pine Bicycle Co, we carry Retrospec and Pure Fix high-tensile steel bikes.  There are 3 main difference between a Retrospec and Pure Fix bikes.

1. The frame geometry - Retrospec has a larger rear triangle on their frames.  This will allow more room for fenders and adds about 1/2" to the length of the bikes.  Most people will not notice the difference but if you are an avid road cyclist the Retrospecs will feel similar to your road bikes geometry.  The Pure Fix models will have a slightly more aggressive feel.

2. The Wheels - Retrospec uses sealed bearing wheels with machined side walls and standard 25mm Kenda Kwest tires.  Pure Fix uses packed bearing wheels with non machined sidewalls and puncture resistant Thick Slick 28mm tires.  What this means is that the hubs on the Retrospec do not need to be cleaned or repacked with grease oppose to the Pure Cycles which do.  The machined sidewalls on the Retrospecs will also have better braking power than the painted sidewalls on the Pure Fix.  The tires on the Retrospecs are a standard commuter tire that will wear down over time but have decent tread.  The Pure Fix's have Thick Slick tires which are a puncture resistant slick. They will likely last three times as long as a regular tire.  Normally these tires are a $50 upgrade to any bike. 

3. The Brakes - Retrospecs come with rear brakes and Pure Fix's do not.  They are a $30 upgrade to the bikes. 

Not sure which brand suits you better? Feel free to visit us at the shop where we’ll happily let you test ride a floor model.

Pure Fix Premium Models

Starting at $650


Aventon Complete Models

Starting at $750