Service & Repair

bicycle repair

"My bike is making a funny noise." 
Don't worry we've got it. Whether its a wobbly wheel, grinding gears or any other issue, bring your bike in for a tune up and we can help you out.

Our General tune up covers headset adjustment, bottom bracket adjustment, brake adjustment, dérailleur adjustment, hub adjustment, cleaning and lubrication of the drivetrain, minor wheel truing, tire inflation, chain tension check and a light cleaning of the whole bike.

All single speed and cruiser style bikes purchased from us get 1 year warranty and one year free service but we will gladly service other bikes as well.

***All service jobs are by appointment only. Contact the store to be put on out waitlist ***

 Service Price
Estimate Free
General Tune-Up (Single speed) $60.00
General Tune-Up (Multi speed) $80.00
Minor Rim Brake Adjustment $5.00 /Brake
Minor Disc Brake Adjustment $10.00 /Brake
Re-Pack Wheel Bearings $20.00 front $30.00 rear
Re-Pack Headset Bearings $20.00

Re-Pack Bottom Bracket

Replace Bottom Bracket $10.00 plus cost of new part
Wheel Truing $20.00
Replace Cables

$10.00 /cable

Flat Repair $10.00 + Cost of replacement tube
Wheel Build $50.00 plus parts


Some prices will vary depending on if components need replacing and the cost of the parts.

If the service you need is not on our list or if you can any questions feel free to call or email us.