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Purpose built with comfort, stability, durability, and practicality in mind. A super low step-through frame, upright riding position, Sun custom tractor saddle, and rear basket are just a few features that make our trike an ideal choice for trips to the market, getting a little exercise or just getting around. The Traditional trike accepts a wide range of available accessories and gearing options to suit your exact needs and riding style.

Available upgrades: 

  • Chrome Rear Fender Kit: $69.99
  • XL Seat Suport Bar: $32.99
  • Rear Disk Brake Kit: $109.99
  • Coaster Break Conversion Kit: $124.99
  • Stermy  Archer 3spd CB Conversion Kit: $214.99
  • 7spd Derailleur with Disk Brake Kit: $214.99
  • Stermy Archer 5spd CB Conversion Kit: $284.99